Day 171: value statements


The concept of value popped up in my world a couple of times this week.

On Wednesday I was listening to Marianne Williamson speak about the feeling of loss that comes with spiritual growth. She said, “Things are not being taken away from you. You are being forced to see their lack of value.” She wasn’t talking about giving up alcohol specifically, but she just as easily could have been. Every hangover and humiliation and wasted day is a chance to see the lack of value alcohol has in your life. And as long as you continue to buy into the illusion that alcohol is making you happier or prettier or smarter or nicer or whatever bullshit else, the universe will be more than happy to teach you this painful lesson over and over again. Until you hopefully, finally, wake up to the truth.

Then you quit. And right away you begin to see the value its absence brings to your life. Loads of value. From an absence. Interesting. And if you stay quit long enough, eventually you realize the enormous value of a whole bunch of other things that had been part of your life all along, but you were too busy with your alcohol obsession to notice. You know, silly things like how happy your kids make you, or the joy of a sunny day, or how nice it is to see your partner smile, or how much you enjoy cake. (Yes, all roads in my realm eventually do lead to cake.)

By the way, listening to lectures on the topic of spirituality is something I haven’t done since my twenties. I thought I had outgrown it. Now I think more likely I had given up trying to grow. A boozy lifestyle will have that effect.

Then, yesterday, Jackie of The Wine Bitch wrote a lovely post outlining why she would not choose to moderate even if she thought she could. The post is It’s a question of value if you’d like to check it out. Yep, there’s that word again. And her post pretty much mirrored what I was thinking the day before about the universe working so hard to show me the lack of value in alcohol. (And me just cheerfully accepting each lesson as a normal part of my normal life and quite literally sleeping through it.) I took this as confirmation that my thinking was at least logical if not profound. 😉

So here are a couple of value statements for you:

Alcohol = Misery

Kids + Sunshine + Smiles + Cake = Happy Life


Happy Sober Friday,



2 thoughts on “Day 171: value statements

  1. I have also been enjoying talks on spirituality lately. Thanks for reminding me about Marianne Williamson. Tara Brach has many free talks on her website and I have been playing around with new speakers on Insight Timer lately. It can be a nice break from just alcohol related stuff and, as you say, most of these messages are easily translated to living alcohol free. 🙂
    I am going to enjoy some stimulating online talks, get in a good walk in the forest, and pick up some mini carrot cupcakes on this lovely sober Saturday!

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  2. It’s strange how we value our ability to drink when we are stuck in addictive behaviour. My husband and I once discussed quitting our jobs and moving to continue our lifestyle.
    How silly…to think drinking was worth that much.

    It’s so hard to see clearly what really matters. It takes time and reflection and some loss.

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