Day 184: my path


I attended a retirement dinner tonight for a colleague. For some there was booze and for others there there was not booze. Everyone exclaimed over my drink because it looked like a pina colada in a huge wine glass with a straw. I happily explained that it was Italian soda, vanilla flavored. And yes, fancy. ☺️ The guy next to me had red wine and the woman next to him had white wine. I won’t lie, both looked appealing. But it was appealing in the way that a nice dessert might look appealing. I would like it, but it isn’t mine, I don’t have to have it, and I’ve got my own thing over here, so I don’t need it. Awesome.

Of course, the problem is people drink so casually, and make it look so harmless that it’s hard to imagine someone giving it up completely, even when that someone is you! Yes, even now after six months, I still find the idea that I don’t drink shocks me a little, in certain situations. It seems on the one hand, almost absurd, while on the other hand, I know it’s the best decision I can make for me. Because the truth is that seemingly harmless glass of vino has the potential to start a tremor, then a quake, and eventually an avalanche of trouble. 

This “different” path is better. For me.

Happy Sober Thursday,


3 thoughts on “Day 184: my path

  1. I understand. Sometimes I also get that weird start when craig and I are at a concert and so many people are drinking, we used to do that. And now we don’t.
    It seems bizarre. But mostly because I really believe I am having a better time than all those drinkers.
    Who knew?!?

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