Day 186: life can’t always go your way


And sometimes you have to do what other people want to do.

Or if you talk them out of it, you’re destined to feel guilty.

No winning there.

But it’s ok.


Happy Sober Saturday,




5 thoughts on “Day 186: life can’t always go your way

    1. Well… the event was the culmination of all day drinking for some, and we would have arrived at 10pm, and there were mosquitoes… so I didn’t go. And no one made a big fuss and my guilt has since subsided.

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  1. I had to – um, chose to – go with my husband to a family gathering yesterday. I knew it would be difficult and exhausting. I chose to create strong boundaries. I told my husband we could take separate cars if he wanted to stay longer, but that I was setting a time limit and then graciously, politely leaving. We went together and he was OK with it. Lots of flack from the relatives “What, leaving so soon? What else do you have that’s so important?”
    I felt some guilt, but mostly calm, steady self satisfaction for making the best choice for me and standing by it, no matter what they said or thought. And yes, the guilt quickly subsided.
    I am learning how to value myself and take better care of myself since I got sober. I have also been recently diagnosed with a long standing autoimmune disorder that leaves me utterly exhausted if I ignore my own needs and over extend myself. I consider my diagnosis and my sobriety to be gifts that allow me to look at the ways and reasons it becomes more and more critical to put my self care and feelings of self worth above other folks’ expectations.
    It feels very adult and healthy. 🙂

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