Day 192: a new rabbit-hole


All is well. I’m happy that I’m not drinking. I’m happy to be approaching a nice round 200 days. In fact, I find myself thinking about sobriety less which has led to difficulties in blogging about it.

So what has been on my mind? Well, it all started with a podcast. I’ve been listening to Spiritual-ish by Meadow DeVor and Laura McKowen. Lots of interesting conversation around topics relating to “adulting” and personality-based growth and development. Fascinating. So fascinating, in fact, that I’ve been binge-listening and am now on episode 20. Eek. Overindulgence? Obsessive tendencies? Perhaps.

But that’s not all. The ladies frequently mention personality traits related to the “enneagram” system, which I had not heard of. So, of course, I started looking for information about it. I found books and websites and quizzes galore. And have since become secondarily obsessed with determining my correct personality description (there are nine), my “wing,” and “arrows of stress and growth.” Huh? Yeah. To what end? I’ve asked myself this question and I’m really not sure. Some sort of continued navel-gazing, I guess.

The great news is that I am absolutely not craving alcohol. Even on very “blah” days. The further I get away from it, the less appealing it seems. So that’s awesome.

And Fridays continue to not suck. ☺️

Happy Sober Friday,


4 thoughts on “Day 192: a new rabbit-hole

  1. Hi Jen!
    I have also been enjoying Spiritual-ish of late. I am kind of a Laura McKowen groupie. 🙂 I love the way she writes and am looking forward to her book release this fall!
    I think it is a natural progression to feel the bubble expanding outward, to be exploring less frequently the very alcohol-specific thoughts and experiences we’ve been having, and moving toward more expansive Life-In-General thoughts and experiences.
    Enjoy your podcast bingeing! This is a healthy indulgence, for sure!
    Happy Sober Weekend

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