Day 197: sugar


My sugar cravings seem to be lessening. Not going away, mind you, but feeling less powerful and easier to satisfy. I used to have a burning need for a big hit of something sweet after dinner, right away. Like cake. With lots of frosting. These urges were as strong as an alcohol craving. And I never just sat with them. 🙂 I went ahead and satisfied the need ASAP and without a smidgen of guilt. I made sure (and still do) to keep the kitchen stocked, which is no small task with a 12 and 16 year old in the house.

But in the last week or two I’ve found myself occasionally turning down the cupcake. Just not needing it. Of course, at this very moment I’m polishing off a bottle of cream soda! So yeah, nothing to brag about, but I am feeling a slight shift in the sugar-craving department.

Coming up on 200 days, entering completely new territory for me. Interesting, a little exciting and slightly scary. Because the changes I’m making, the evolution that’s occurring, they feel like the real deal.

Happy Sober Wednesday,


5 thoughts on “Day 197: sugar

  1. You said it so perfectly: “… the evolution that’s occurring.” It’s so much more than you, not drinking. It’s you as you were meant to be. It’s you, but strong and confident and wise and funny. And free!! Congrats on almost 200 days!

    I’m with you in the sugar addiction. I’ve found I’m all or nothing, so I have to give it up completely, which I do every other Monday — exactly like I did with alcohol. If you need motivation, watch “That Sugar Film.”

    Have a fantastic day! 💕


  2. Day 197 IS the real deal. I, too, am loving sugar a bit too much. And I question my intake just like I did the wine. (Did I really just polish off that whole cake?) but let’s slay one dragon at a time. Keep on, Jen! You’re doing great!

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