Day 208: a fine line


We had another couple over for dinner last night. In an effort to be a gracious hostess (and decidedly not jealous non-drinker), I had a bottle of wine chilling for the mom friend.

And she drank the whole thing. All by herself.

I felt part envious, part dismayed, and part annoyed.

She talked about wanting to lose weight and mainly blamed alcohol for her struggle with it. Then went on to say how she’s been doing better with not drinking during the week. And then went on to drink an entire bottle of wine.

And at 8am this morning she texted me to say thanks for the great time. Up early after a bottle of wine? No hangover? No regrets?


It’s no wonder I hung around in that messy unhealthy place for as long as I did. Everybody makes it look so normal and easy.

Happy Sober Sunday,



4 thoughts on “Day 208: a fine line

  1. She may be up early and texting you to make it look as though she is not hungover and just fine. Or she may be texting you from bed. She may be embarrassed that she drank a bottle on her own and is feeling insecure about it. I think these things are probably true. I’ve been there before and done the same things. Keep doing you and try not to compare. We never know someone else’s whole story.

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