Day 220: rough day


My twelve year old made some very bad choices today. And told lie on top of lie to try to get out of it. Our sweet, good natured boy really let us down today. And as his mom, I feel some responsibility, like I haven’t been close enough with him, vigilant enough, something not enough.

A less than auspicious start to our summer vacation.

But I’m not using wine to cope, so that’s a win.

Happy Sober Friday,


5 thoughts on “Day 220: rough day

  1. Twelve is an interesting age. We spend their lives loving them fiercely while simultaneously letting them go. As they move into those teenaged years, I think we find ourselves stepping back a bit, loving them just as deeply, but being more of a lighthouse sometimes. Being less in the center of their lives, but always there, shining, ready when they decide they need us. Creating healthy guidlines and boundaries, allowing or imposing consequences for behavior, all that. But also letting them have some room to experiment, fall, get back up again. Own their choices and the consequences.
    So much easier to navigate while sober and healthy. I am glad for you, your son, and your family that you’ve given yourself such a wonderful gift. And also, cut yourself some slack, be gentle with yourself, and let your internal voice be one of kindness and compassion. 🙂
    Take good care.

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  2. Hug
    I remember being a kid and being so scared of disappointing everyone and lying and then no knowing how to get out of the lies.

    I often find my kids in this spot. And I tell them to tell the truth. I will ALWATS love the. And I always have their back and whatever it was we will find a way to take responsibility and fix it.

    These are complicated years. Finding autonomy. Wanting respect. Not knowing who to impress.


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  3. It sounds like you have already built some pretty stable wonderful foundations for your son too! That will carry him through life and the hard times too. It’s so hard being a parent planting seeds all the time wondering how or if they’ll,grow, how will our kids turn out etc etc. we care so much about all of it and that’s ok 😊 hoping it all works out well in all the best ways. I’m sure it will. Happy day and big hugs!

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