Day 228: if alcohol is not required for a happy life, then why do so many people think it is?


My goal is to convince myself, all of myself, that alcohol is not required for a happy life.

The problem I’m having right now is that so few others in society seem to hold this point of view. Many of the people around me, most of my Facebook feed, and so many media images, directly contradict it. Their messages, some subtle and some not so subtle, convey that alcohol makes fun more fun, festive more festive, social more social, relaxing more relaxing, etc.

It’s hard to believe alcohol is not required for a happy life when so many people appear to think it absolutely is.

Am I happy to be going to bed sober on day 228? Yes. But am I happy to contemplate the rest of my life without ever having another glass of wine? No. I’m just not there yet.

Even so, it’s still a… Happy Sober Saturday,




7 thoughts on “Day 228: if alcohol is not required for a happy life, then why do so many people think it is?

  1. Brilliant honesty. Saying it out loud is good. The fantastic deep sleep is a great draw card and reason to stay where we are. Yes it is everywhere I agree. I was at a good friends house for the weekend. At about 4pm she had a small glass of wine, low alcohol, then another about 45 minutes later, only tiny. Then over the next 7 hours she sipped on wine drinking a bottle of full strength wine in total. I said the difference between you and me is I would have downed the lot in 1 hour wanted more probs had another bottle or two if I’m honest then hit the wall about 8.30pm. There is a difference unfortunately and gratefully we are aware that there is, but jeepers it doesn’t make it easier in the early days of sobriety. Look after you, you got this!

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  2. great post ❤️ sometimes i sigh and think…. ok, can i go back to drinking now???? a lovely glass of red with dinner? or, on my first date with this guy next weekend? but nooooooooo … 😔

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  3. I was listening to the most recent Bubble Hour podcast the other day and the guest (Sara) said she knew this was her last “day one” because she felt a subtle shift and knew that she was finally at ease with “leaving the herd.” I liked the mental picture! She knows she’s in the minority both in quitting drinking and in feeling that she’s not missing out, but she truly feels better and has a perfectly happy life without it, despite the constant barrage of booze-centric messages permeating our mainstream culture.
    Perhaps there will be times when she (and all of us) feel moments of angst or pensiveness, but, as you have shared before, these moments pass too.
    For now, I am glad you are enjoying a Happy Sober Saturday… although now I guess it’s Sunday. Fast moving weekend! 🙂
    Take care Jen!

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  4. Most people are not happy.
    They read books about wanting to be, but they aren’t.

    Although life is not always easy, I feel like I am generally content. Which I think is better than happy. Of course, some days are amazing and inspiring. And some days suck.

    But mostly I am completely satisfied being me, just as I am.

    That is not something I ever believed possible. Our hard drinking, ever seeking culture tells us we should never be satisfied. Because if we are we buy and consume less.

    I feel like I see the truth. I am awake. Consider that possibility. That you have actually found what people claim to be always seeking. Peace.


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  5. I have found much peace of mind. My definition of happiness is peace of mind, as well as being content as Ane said.
    True happiness comes from within, and can’t be bought by drinking!
    PS – I don’t think of forever, either. I just think of today! xoxo

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