Day 232: an old haunt


I went into my neighborhood liquor store today for the first time in a very long while. I went straight to the mixes and nonalcoholic miscellaneous stuff, just for something to look at while my mom bought wine. There was quite an assortment of interesting things, but probably nothing worth the trip through the vast multitude of wine bottles that it takes to get there. 🙄

I actually hadn’t wanted to be a part of this particular errand, but in the end it was perfectly fine.

Sort of like most things I don’t really want to do but find myself doing anyway. Perfectly fine in the end, and definitely not worth getting worked up over.

I’m feeling much more my happy, peaceful sober-self so far this week. A very, very good thing.

Happy Sober Wednesday,


6 thoughts on “Day 232: an old haunt

  1. Yay about feeling better! 🤗 Just finished reading Dry by Augusten Burroughs. What a book. I didn’t want it to end. He is such a good writer so many little pearls of wisdom. I also wish I was his friend. Anyways day 232 for you, is amazing and #goals. Day 43 for me. Love this sober life. Happy sober day 🤩

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    1. I have a huge crush on Mr. Augusten! Did you know he has done the audio for most of his books? Yes, and his voice is fantastic, just like his writing. Happy Sober day to you too!


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