Day 241: back to normal


Getting back to normal is great.

And pretty soon maybe I’ll find the time and energy to write an actual blog post instead of the quick updates I’ve been resorting to lately. 🙄 I’m trying to keep this blogging streak going for the whole first year, but this summer has been hard with traveling, family stress, and generally busy days. A couple of times I almost threw in the towel, but then I found I could squeeze out a few sentences and feel good that I found something to say.

I’m at about eight months sober now. Wow.

Feeling good about that. ☺️

Oh look 👀 a hundred words! Go me!

Happy Sober Friday,



2 thoughts on “Day 241: back to normal

  1. That’s so awesome.
    Vacations are good (we are in the middle of one now), but regular life is somewhat simpler. And my own bed always feels better.

    Of course, September brings its own shifts! Never a dull moment.

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