Day 244: 8 months


Look carefully, one for each month. 😉

Eight months.

Holy. Seems like a long time.

So it turns out there is a difference between six months and eight. Eight is better! In lots of ways. And from eight, twelve seems manageable. And twelve is the holy grail, right? ☺️

Vacation this summer was tough. I’d been working so hard to build a happy sober life, to know that alcohol is not required, to convince myself of it, even in the deepest recesses of my brain. And everywhere I looked people seemed to be equally convinced of the opposite. That was disheartening. But I got through it and feel like next summer will be better.

And now I’m feeling pretty peaceful again. Restaurant meals, family gatherings, and other alcohol-related events are a lot easier, provoke less anxiety, almost none really. We have two weddings in September and I feel like it’s going to be fine, not a big deal, maybe even… gasp… fun?

A couple of weeks ago we were out with family for dinner and I was drinking a nonalcoholic beer. My mother in law came a little late and told the waitress she wanted a beer. She saw my glass and said she’d have what I was having. I almost didn’t tell her what it was, just for fun, to see if she’d notice. 😋 But then I did. Can you guess what she said? She said she’d have it anyway, that she didn’t need the alcohol, just wanted something that wasn’t sweet, just wanted the taste of beer. Yeah, me too. So that was very cool.

I’m still not “there” yet all the way, but things are coming along nicely. I’m adapting, the husband is adapting, and the world continues to turn.

Very Happy Sober Monday,




14 thoughts on “Day 244: 8 months

  1. I am so delighted for you. Can you believe it? You’re looking into the face of a YEAR sober! What an accomplishment. Your posts have been a lovely mixed bag: inspirational, funny, sweet, kind, struggling, happy … and always honest… thank you. 💐

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  2. Wonderful honesty, wonderful. And huge admiration for your 8 months 🤩👏🏽🤜🏼🤛🏻💃🏽🐢🌸💫💫💫💫💫💫✨✨✨✨✨✨🎉🎊👍🏼

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  3. Those 8 turtles really made me smile, can imagine how happy you are! 8 months seems like mt everest for some of us still, but like the turtle….slow and steady. Yes, the world keeps turning and turtles do, too! Congratulations!

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  4. I appreciate your eight-is-different-than-six comment. I’m almost to month 3 and in the past I never got past month 5, so I don’t yet know about six or eight 🙂 But I’ve had a voice in my head that thinks anything in the fewish months or more is the accomplishment, and I can’t picture how things continue to change. Belle says that a funk often happens around 8.5 months. It’s all a process…. and thanks for the turtles. I see my three in there!

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    1. 🐢🐢🐢 For me the change has been a lessening of anxiety around the existence of alcohol and a view of myself as a much healthier person. And thanks for the reminder about the 8.5 slump. I’m hoping mine came at 7.5, but the Voice is sneaky so you never know.

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  5. “Feeling peaceful again.” Oh yes!
    I have always been a spiritual seeker. My deepest desire is to allow the best expression of myself to arise.
    This first year without alcohol has shown me this element of my journey in a new light. And much of my anxiety waves have been about the rawness of seeing myself, my life, my world in a clearer, not numbed or clouded way.
    But as the year progresses I feel longer periods of “stillness and peace” as our friend Anne would say.
    Even in difficult times there is an undercurrent of peace that never leaves.
    This sober life is so, so worth it. 🙂
    Happy 8 months Little Turtle!!

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