Day 250: pondering


Sometimes I want to drink because I want to create a scene. Not a dramatic scene, but a lovely one. A somewhat hazy, but happy, relaxing time at home with the husband. But if I can’t create that scene without the alcohol, then maybe the lovely time I sometimes long for was really just an aberration, a sort of false reality.

Rose colored glasses? Romancing the drink?

Anyway, it’s still…

Happy Sober Sunday,


3 thoughts on “Day 250: pondering

  1. Yes. I agree. The romance of the first 30 minutes that nearly always ends in distaste of some sort. Still so raw for me enough to not yet be pondering but it will happen no doubt. Watched a movie called the book club, talk about romanticising alcohol! Jeepers I would not have been talking illegibly let alone awake if I’d downed what they were downing. Yet they stayed alert, together and appeared to have no symptoms of messy alcohol induced states. One scene shows them having drunk about 3-4 bottles of wine and a quarter bottle of vodka is on the table with one drinking that as well. All sitting there nice n normal, happy as Larry, not affected. I thought this is what happens, false portrayal of actual events leads to romanticising about me managing just one drink. Had an epiphany the next day and some clarity that this is the movies and the are just acting. Any who as I said I agree good to always be aware of our subconscious. Thanks for putting it out there! Happy day 😊👌🤩

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