Day 251: new beginnings


Tomorrow is the first day of school for both of my two kids. Oldest will be driving to school now as a high school junior. Youngest begins middle school. Time for new routines, the start of colder weather, and surely some unforeseen changes too. I can’t say that I never miss the wine, but I’m absolutely happy to be sober at times like these. I know that I won’t miss a thing and will be available at any hour in the event of a calamity.

But let’s hope for an absence of calamities. ☺️

Happy Sober Monday,


One thought on “Day 251: new beginnings

  1. Also, for those of us in the states, this labor day holiday marks the “official” end of summer. I know there will still be summer like days ahead, but I was just sitting here, quietly smiling at having made it through my first sober summer in many years.
    Feels pretty good! 🙂

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