Day 258: manic Monday


Remember The bangles? 😉

Mondays these days are exhausting. But it’s a good, got up early and worked hard sort of exhausting. Healthy.

The further into this I get, the happier I am to be done with hangovers.

Happy Sober Monday,


3 thoughts on “Day 258: manic Monday

  1. I looooooove the Bangles! And I think you are pretty awesome. It’s quite liberating and actually ok to say I wanna go home, I stayed at a 40th for 3 hours longer than I wanted too 9pm was my limit, and I had had my fun and it just got messy, not me, and loud and I was glad when we got home at midnight, would have left hubster there but was in a different country and was sober driver with the only apartment key so I kindly waited hehe. Man your blog post about no regrets vs the old regrets hits home. Thanks for your thoughts and everything always such a good reminder that sober rocks! Sorry I’m about 3 posts back in my comments 🦃

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