Day 267: just another day


The second half of a sober year sure does lope along at a nice easy pace compared to the first half. Time is going by quickly and with much less internal drama.

Happy Sober Wednesday,


2 thoughts on “Day 267: just another day

  1. So good to know. Started back in an old job today with worry and stress (hate that word but I guess that’s what it is) and it rehashed some kind of subconscious/conscious wine monster inside me tonight on my way home! Thought how nice it would be etc etc, then totally breathed through it and was fine didn’t give it another thought but man it was hard goin there for a wee while. Remembering that it Always makes it worse not better, never better. Cannot wait for a little more peace n quiet in the old head. It will come as you say 🤗 bless 🌼

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