Day 274: anxiety


Two kids, myself, husband, nice clothes required, not big enough suitcase, doggies packed to stay with friends (where they are sure to misbehave), two days missed work, plus work deadline Monday morning, messy house, leaking fridge, dripping toilet, … and a semi-rageful ball of anxiety. The husband says I’m a “donkey on the edge.”

Maybe I should drink a bunch of wine so that I’m hungover at the airport tomorrow morning. Yeah, that’d be pretty helpful. 🙄

No worries.

Happy anxiety-riddled but stone-cold-sober Wednesday,



3 thoughts on “Day 274: anxiety

  1. Love your stone-cold clarity. (I also am leaving today for a wedding on Saturday, in Boston, at whose counterpart last summer (bride’s brother’s wedding) I drank out of some vague social unpleasantness. More tools this time! Sober bingo!) Have a good sober time, leaking toilet be damned.


  2. See…it could always be worse.
    Sorry, I know that sizzling anxiety.
    Gaba, that you can buy at the grocery store, helps enormously.
    I always use it travelling. Change is VERY HARD.

    Hug. I hope you find some moments that make you sigh and enjoy the craziness.



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