Day 275: in a bar

Can you guess where we are?6B979502-E817-46B5-B2BB-1090BD44D9D5

Day one of the wedding festivities and I ended up spending what happens to be my nine month soberversary… in a bar. Not my choice, of course. It was actually a little triggery which surprised me. But I just ignored those annoying thoughts, ordered a fancy fizzy drink, ate some greasy food, and got the heck out of there as soon as was reasonable. I can see why people fall off the wagon in situations like this, out of your element, at the mercy of plans made by others, everyone dressed up and happily drinking. It’s pretty sucky if I’m totally honest, but I think about being back home on Sunday and I know how enormous my regret would be if I gave up my sober life over a weekend situation that is obviously not a common occurrence. I know well enough to ignore The Voice. I know any craving or longing or sadness will pass. They are just clouds or tumbleweeds ambling along. Eventually the sun always shines again.

Happy Sober Thursday,



8 thoughts on “Day 275: in a bar

  1. Massive kudos to you for recognising and acknowledging annnnnnnnnnd kicking your triggery (cool word btw) to the curb! The happy morning wake up is the best reward of all. Hope your weekend goes well 🌸👍🏼🤗

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  2. The only cities with tall buildings within eye-shot of snowy peaks in September that I can think of are Seattle, Portland, and Salt Lake. Doesn’t seem like Seattle (like, where would you be standing to take the picture?). Salt lake?

    And, do you know Belle’s sober bingo? ( If not, here it is in case you want to give it a try. I plan to at tonight’s rehearsal dinner and tomorrow’s wedding!

    you get one point for each thing.
    1. arrive late
    2. take your own replacement drink even if you think there will be some there
    3. count the number of people who are also not drinking
    4. speak to one of them
    5. identify one person who is overdrinking and thinks that no one is noticing
    6. leave early
    7. email [your sober coach/friend] before you go
    8. email [your sober coach/friend] after you get home
    9. plan a treat for when it’s over around the kitchen when you get home, saying ‘this shit is hard and I fucking rock’

    must do all steps for a perfect 10 🙂

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  3. I was thinking of you today. Sending some energy of balance and peace your way.
    And I realized that because you began this blog, and share your journey, you have this lovely sober posse out here in the cyber-world thinking of you. Rooting for you. Believing in you. And, I think, caring about one another too.
    Isn’t that nifty!
    Happy Sober Weekend, jen! You are amazing. 🙂
    And before you know it you will be home!!

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