Day 283: avoid unnecessary triggers


Facebook: a place where you can become enraged at the people you love, without them even knowing it.

It’s been a rough couple of years in the US and I’ve been pretty much avoiding Facebook since before the last presidential election. Too much politics, too many depressing ideas , events, rhetoric, etc. And a few of my nearest and dearest hold opinions I just can’t endure with any sort of patience. I would never want to discuss these issues with them in person. Yet if I go on Facebook, I find myself slapped in the face with all manner of unsolicited comments, comments that make my head just about explode. 🤯

So I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. These days it mostly hasn’t been worth it for me to go there. But every once in a while there’s something I don’t want to miss, so I wade in, hunt around for the good stuff and then try to get out without seeing anything that might make my blood boil.

No luck tonight. I went in looking for some lovely photos from last weekend’s wedding and found instead commentary painting rapists as victims. My blood started to get hot and then I found myself unable to look away. And all was lost. I succumbed to a full on fit of anger. And anger with no outlet is an unpleasant emotion for sure.

So here I am, writing it out, hoping someone can relate.

I know there will always be people I disagree with, situations and events that I find upsetting. And I know I can’t always avoid these things, but surely random posts on Facebook don’t qualify as necessary viewing. So I think I’ll go back to looking over my husband’s shoulder once in a while and leave it at that.

Happy Sober Friday,




9 thoughts on “Day 283: avoid unnecessary triggers

  1. I relate. I really relate.
    Well, not about the Facebook part. I am one of the few rebels (or oddballs?) in the world who has intentionally chosen not to participate.
    But, once again, I am feeling ashamed of my country. Can’t get too deep or the rage in this particular black hole will suck me in. Longing for the day when the experiences of women are just simply believed, not vilified.
    I also have relatives with whom I can’t speak of so many important things in llife.
    I have become very consciously mindful of the amount of face time I give the news since the election. It is hard not to get sucked into the daily dose of unbelievable. I want good mental health.
    I think, often, of the Serenity Prayer and try to remain centered in the truth of acting when I can, and trying to let the rest go.
    Take care, jen

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  2. I dabble in FB but thankfully my feed is usually of people enraged in the same direction as me 🙂 (I also do not watch the news but get info through small quantities of reading.) That helps, but it still, if one is sensitive or even porous, provides a stream of pain and anguish over widespread impossible-to-believe stuff in DC and elsewhere. I’m glad you vented here on this. Glad even that you very efficiently rediscovered that FB doesn’t deserve this place in our lives/hearts. I marvel at the world we’re in and how humans are exposed to types and quantities of information that our brains are not built to deal with (and which FB is actually engineered to take sick advantage of). Happy Facebook-less and sober Saturday!


  3. Hubs reassured me that our country has survived other bad times, and he says we will survive this one. FB is crazy right now. Well always. I can’t even watch tv with all the non stop political ads. I am calmer today, and just trying to keep faith that we will eventually right the wrongs.

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  4. I should do that too.
    As a CANADIAN I watch the US in horror wondering if people could really be that mean and vicious. I travel to the states regularly. I have never seen it.
    Maybe ignorance is bliss sometimes. I don’t know.



    1. There is a meanness in politics for sure and a lot of partisan animosity. But I still believe most people at their core are good. I think there’s a lot of fear behind the viciousness, but of what exactly, I’m not sure.

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