Day 284: life goes on


Patience pays off. I ate in a restaurant tonight with my son. I ordered a lemonade without giving it much thought and really couldn’t be bothered with dreaming up a mocktail or asking for nonalcoholic beer. I just didn’t care. After all, we were there because we were hungry and didn’t want to cook.

I think the evolution goes something like this:

– as a drinker, eating out guarantees an evening with alcohol, so restaurants and wine are intertwined for us

– when you first quit, eating out guarantees an evening of anxiety (what to drink and what to say about it and how will it all feel)

– then you get better at making it feel special with some sort of replacement drink, and you gain some experience with how to handle things smoothly

– with enough time, your association of restaurants with alcohol begins to fade and you find yourself going there for the food

And instead of stopping for wine on the way home, you find yourself in the bakery picking out a lovely dessert.

Happy Sober Saturday,


3 thoughts on “Day 284: life goes on

  1. So true!!! I’m so happy to be once again enjoying a gorgeous cappuccino after dinner. Too many years wasted worrying about ruining my buzz if I ordered coffee.

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