Day 287: resentment

And I’m pretty sure it doesn’t impact the reality of a situation either.

What a difference a day can make – yesterday was, at least metaphorically, sunshine and roses. Today falls into the prickly and gloomy category.

The silver lining- at the height of my resentment fit my thoughts went to bath, bed, or chocolate. I opted for bath and chocolate and then realized I hadn’t even considered, not even briefly, wine. So that’s a win.

Happy to be Sober on Tuesday,



3 thoughts on “Day 287: resentment

  1. Total win. On those harder days ya gotta have a silver lining somewhere. Because even tough booze isn’t a go there are still bloody hard days that we have to get through. Have had a few of them myself, trick is as you say not to reach for the wine as a fix-it and when you’re at that stage of not even thinking about it well that’s more than a win! 100 days for me today! Heading into a long summer for the first time sober since I was pregnant 8 years ago. And 2 big parties at our house coming right up. Happy sober day 💫💥🌟⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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