Day 298: a joyful life


Not soaked in, or fueled by, alcohol.

Iā€™m thinking it might be a good time to reinstitute the daily gratitude practice.

Good things from today:

  • a reorganized cupboard
  • arrival of day 300 treat
  • bigs laughs from silly TV


Happy sober Saturday,


4 thoughts on “Day 298: a joyful life

  1. Had – in some ways – a really hard day today. Yet as I was getting ready for the evening, I realized I was surprised by a joy~bubble. I was reminded, yet again, that the days are made up of so many moments. Even hard days have moments that are bright or peaceful or tender.
    Then, your post! šŸ™‚ Practicing Gratitude is such a game changer!
    Perfect timing.
    Happy Sober Sunday,

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