Day 300: épanoui


Day 300 was a day like any other. I guess that’s the point.  Not drinking has become (mostly) a nonevent.

As you may have already guessed, my 300 day treat was a painting by Mr. Belle.  It is the first of the “personalized” paintings he offered up a couple weeks ago.  For my word I chose “épanoui.”   Belle said it meant “fulfilled or contented.”  Then Mr. Belle, the native speaker, described it as “when you’re travelling and get to a nice place and are sitting there on the patio looking around, that feeling.”  Perfect.

For me, the painting is a reminder, a representation of the feeling of contentment that I most love about this sober life. It’s a feeling that comes and goes, like every other feeling.  But so far, it has always returned eventually. So the painting is a reminder that all I have to do is keep going, and after a while, the épanoui feeling will come back around.



Good stuff from today:

  1. wore jeans and comfy socks to work while still managing (I think) to look professional (enough)
  2. did some work stuff after dinner so that tomorrow will be less hectic and got more done than I thought I would
  3. there was some beautiful fall sunshine


Happy Sober Monday,


9 thoughts on “Day 300: épanoui

  1. 300 is awesome! But yes like any other day which is also awesome. Not like a hungover day or anything like that. Sending cyber high fives your way ✋🏻 Things I’m grateful for today, the sun is shining and it’s warm ☝️ Beaut painting too BTW. Happy day all the way over yonder 🌸🤗

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  2. Congrats! Thanks for sharing your journey, and picture! If I use my imagination, I can almost see a little turtle in the upper right corner. 🐢😉 #DAY138!

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  3. I love the colors. I love épanoui. Gonna adopt épanoui. Sometimes English seems so flat-footed with words like these compared to other languages, but maybe it’s all relative. Yay for day 300 (!) and yay for comfy socks….

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