Day 301: if it’s broken, fix it


Boy, when you get into the 300s, a year really seems within reach. Until you remember you have to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas first. That makes it seem far away again. But it’s ok. Everyone says year two is easier, so I’ve got that to look forward to.

Today’s gratitude comes from myself to myself. Thanks for making some small things better. It makes a big difference.

1. redid yesterday’s photos

2. completely cleaned off my desk at work

3. wore comfortable shoes

Happy Sober Tuesday,


4 thoughts on “Day 301: if it’s broken, fix it

  1. Comfortable shoes are one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.
    I buy Algeria. They are cute, but definitely orthopaedic.
    But my feet and back don’t hurt. That’s a big win.



  2. Comfy shoes yuss!!!!! And men’s pyjama pants 2 sizes too big, way comfier than ladies jarmies 🤗 I do love your thankful list Jen it’s making my day to remember to be thankful consciously. so so awesome to be at nearly 1 year. I’m so pleased for you ☺️ Just think of those wonderful mornings after thanksgiving and Christmas Day all clear headed and lovely well maybe on a bit of a sugar hangover, no sorry that would be me, happy day inspiring lady 🌸 again so glad I’ve found your blog


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