Day 303: several minor irritations

"You call it motivational self-talk. I call it muttering under your breath."

Sometimes, only a few irritations, what should be minor irritations, will add up to one completely horseshit day. Yes, today I found myself annoyed by work things, work people, weather things, house things, and current events. Also, I made some regrettable choices regarding food and personal grooming. So on top of other people annoying me, I also annoyed my own self. 🙄

These are the times when you have to dig a little deeper for a gratitude list, but finding even a tiny bit of joy on a pretty much joyless day is also all the more needed and beneficial.

So, on this perfectly shitty day, I was ever so slightly cheered by:

1. deciding to buy my favorite, somewhat expensive, face cream and finding it on sale.

2. an outing with the husband and even a bit of empathy from him regarding the foul mood I was suffering from.

3. venting my frustrations to all of you.

I do feel better now. Hopefully tomorrow will be lovely. Or at least not hideous.

Happy sober Thursday,



2 thoughts on “Day 303: several minor irritations

  1. And all of it just run-of-the-mill horseshitty-day stuff.
    Not related-to-alcohol stuff.
    It didn’t even come up once in your post.
    What a difference 303 days make! 🙂
    Thinking of you and hoping tomorrow is better.

    Liked by 1 person

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