Day 308: wholehearted living



The good in this day:

1. my desk at work is still tidy 🗂

2. cleaned out my cupboards and gave away snacks to hungry students 🥨

3. hilarious chat with a colleague about potty training – poop should not be that funny, but oh it really is 💩 

4. more chocolate 🍫

5. thinking about what it takes and what it means to live a more wholehearted life ❤️

Happy sober Tuesday,


5 thoughts on “Day 308: wholehearted living

  1. Oh wow I love that visual list! Are her books about how to be more of the right column in life? Was just reflecting to hubby how I’m such a self doubter but my job requires me to be sure about what I say and do leaving worry in my head after hours which I simply don’t want. That and worrying about what other people think of me and well pretty much everything on the left hand list is so crippling at times. Affects my relationship with my family in ways and enough is enough so if her books are about how to not be that way I’m in!

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    1. Too soon to say. I’m a listener these days because I drive a lot. So far I’ve listened to two of her talks – rising strong as a spiritual practice and the power of vulnerability. Loved both. And now I’m listening to the gifts of imperfection, read by someone else, and it’s very good but I miss hearing Brene’s voice.


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