Day 309: soldiering on


I’m feeling very out of sorts today. Bad sleep last night is probably to blame. Watching my sister-in-law drink a large glass of red wine at dinner tonight didn’t help either. Yes, that sort of thing still bothers me sometimes, unfortunately.

But I’m soldiering on.

Here are a few good things from this day:

1. avoided Halloween completely

2. took a nap

3. chocolate

4. the lovely Marianne Williamson quote above, via Brene Brown

5. potentially good sleep on the horizon

Happy sober Wednesday,


5 thoughts on “Day 309: soldiering on

  1. I also opted out of Halloween completely. Comfy jammie pants, warm bowl of soup, Murdoch Mystery re-run. Ahhh
    I also still feel bothered, sometimes, being in the presence of others – especially those I used to drink with – when they drink. It’s odd. I don’t want to drink, really. It just makes me feel sad somehow. Not always, and I think it’s getting better with time. But still. Thanks for sharing feelings like these, jen. It makes me feel less alone and less an odd duck. 🙂
    Hope your Thursday is lovely.

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