Day 313: change


Way back in January I decided on a word of the year – change. And yes, quitting alcohol has been a big change, with lots of ripple effect changes added on.

So many positive changes – improvements in sleep quality, energy at work, self-esteem, and overall health and wellness. I no longer believe I’m slowly but actively killing myself. I no longer pretend to remember things that I don’t.

I’m never “tipsy” around my kids. I’m never “sleeping” when someone needs me. These things are huge.

Notice I didn’t mention finances – I suspect (unapologetically) that I spend every wine penny saved, treating myself nicely with sweets, and clothes, and manicures, and whatever else I decide I need very badly. 😋

These are all good things, and when you think about it, probably on their own make quitting worth it, maybe even more than worth it.

But lately I’ve been struggling. I’ve been feeling out of sorts, mad and sad, with some free floating anxiety sprinkled in. I’m finding myself focused on negative things, feeling resentful, even angry, about things from long ago, water that should be way under the bridge.

So I start to look around, seeking a quick fix, wanting to feel better. Sugar? Sleep? Nope. Nope. Bath? Shopping? Not so much. Wine? Absolutely not an option. Doesn’t need to be an option, surely.

So I think it’s time for another change. I think I need to give exercise a more serious try.

Remember the running shoes? And the yoga? Way, way out of the picture. And now the weather is changing for the worse and the days are getting shorter. A terrible time to try to take up outdoor exercise. But guess what! We happen to own a treadmill. Now I’ve never used this contraption, but certainly I can learn. 😋

So I’m going to try for one more big change in 2018. Exercise as a habit, a routine, part of a healthy lifestyle.  Please wish me luck. And determination.

Today I felt good about:

1. completing some at-home projects.

2. a lovely conversation with a fellow mom.

3. watching my son play basketball, and really play hard.

4. trying, and liking, a new dish at a neighborhood restaurant.

5. watching football and rooting for the “wrong” team. ☺️

Happy sober Sunday,



6 thoughts on “Day 313: change

  1. Exercise sounds very promising — and I say this as someone who needs to do more herself. I think of myself as in shape, and I am active in sort of a regular lifestyle sense like walking up stairs all the time, but I actually don’t get much aerobic exercise at all. When I happen to I feel awesome. I don’t think it takes much to really make a difference!

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  2. Small changes. Register for a class. Make it a priority. See if it fits.
    Sometimes there are just prickly times. That’s when a good, trashy novel sometimes helps. Less thinking. More being. Lol

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  3. Your blog gives me so much strength and incentive. Very few people come into your life that do that so thank you, again 🤗⭐️ One of the things that I like about your style of writing is the blunt honesty! It’s not contrived or confusing it’s straight up how you feel and I’m not sure I’d still be sober if I hadn’t found this, and other blog tools, etc but something just resonated with me, with what you say and I’ve read a few blogs. It’s what fits I guess. Anywho I run, which I love and hate equally but I figured that everyone must feel the same way if they run 😊 Also if you have a hydrotherapy pool near you and easily accessible aquarobics or water jogging and stuff is also amazing!! I remember someone saying once that you never regret exercising after you’ve done it. It just takes a little while to get it into a routine. Best of luck with making the time to do it. You won’t regret it! 🤜🏼🤛🏻✨

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    1. Thanks for the advice and kind words. I’m glad my blog has helped somebody besides me. I made a commitment to myself that I’d write every day for the first year and some days it’s really hard. But when I look back on it, it’s amazing to have this record of my thoughts and all the supportive comments too – really very awesome. 😀💕

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  4. Moving is good! I so appreciate the patches you go through, as you are that bit ahead of me, it lets me know what’s coming down the line 🙂 … thank you

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