Day 315: feeling steadily better


I’m starting to think my mood swings are mainly hormonal. Yes, there does seem to be a pattern/connection. Have I mentioned this before? Probably. Do I need to have the same experience several times before I catch on? Apparently. 😋

So yeah. I’m feeling a lot better, although tired. Alcohol is not required for a happy life. On repeat please. And, today at least, I believe it.

On this day I’m glad that I:

1. voted.

2. “went for a walk” on the treadmill. (So far so good.)

3. was patient with a colleague at work and didn’t feel resentful afterwards.

4. talked with a different colleague about the very recent death of his mom and felt a lot of empathy because of what I went through (am still going through, really) over the loss of my dad.

5. am going to bed early.

Happy sober Tuesday,



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