Day 316: letting go of trivial things


Today I’m happy…

1. with how much I got done on both work and home fronts.

2. enough with the election results (all things considered).

3. to be working from home the rest of this week and off on Monday.

4. that I can soak in a warm tub while eating a particularly naughty dessert.

5. to let go of the (probably) trivial things that piss me off but usually work out ok in the end.

Happy sober Wednesday,


3 thoughts on “Day 316: letting go of trivial things

  1. Yes a friend of mine who is very clever once told me I’m not responsible for people’s reactions, that belongs to them. Part of that is letting go too. Trying to live life with good intent and checking in with yourself if you’re feeling like you’re giving something too much power can sneak up on you sometimes. Often when I am so worried about something I’ve said or done ts not as bad as the power I give it or make it in my own head. This has subsided hugely since dropping the booze. And I blimen LOVE dessert! I’m trying not to but that has a lot of power over me 😊🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰 happy day everyone!


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