Day 320: romancing the drink


What is it about nice restaurants and alcohol? Soft lighting, linen tablecloths, beautifully plated dishes of delicious food… and everyone in the place has a glass of something alcoholic in front of them. These are the times I miss red wine very badly, for the taste, the warmth, the feeling of the glass in my hand, participating in the ambiance… all of it.  Maybe there are certain situations that will always evoke these feelings for me. I don’t know.

Coming home sober is great. Feeling healthy is great. Craving only a little something sweet at the end of the night is great. And I’m pretty sure these things make it worthwhile.

But there is definitely a trade off.

Not every day, or most days, or really even many days, but sometimes. Sometimes there is a loss.

Happy sober Sunday,


3 thoughts on “Day 320: romancing the drink

  1. I can relate, though less and less and less as the days go by. It so thoroughly doesn’t matter what the liquid in the glass is. (Sometimes I think it’s literally the rich red color for me. Which can be created by a number of different fruits.) And I can’t figure out why it seems to matter (what’s in the glass). The participation in the ambiance also doesn’t have any relationship to the chemistry in the glass. The only thing ethanol contributes is the mental/emotional escape, which leaves us to conclude that the peaceful delicious meals require escape. It’s the same old reason we imbibed alcohol to be begin with. So why does wolfie use an idyllic setting to try to tell us we need to escape? I dunno; it’s very weird. Thank you for putting words on the trade off / loss (and allowing me to overthink it 🙂 )


    1. It is weird. I found myself wishing for a nonalcoholic red wine (that doesn’t taste like garbage). I wanted all the details without the alcohol. It’s some sort of head game that I haven’t figured out. And, like you said, am probably way overthinking. 😉


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