Day 322: when the going gets tough


Reminders to myself. When you’re having a rough day…

1. stay in the moment.

Don’t think too much about the future, especially the future plans that might be causing anxiety (Thanksgiving, Birthday, Christmas Party, Florida visit, Christmas). Whenever possible, focus on right this minute, right now.

2. do the next right thing.

I love this one. I say it to myself whenever I’m feeling really overwhelmed. To me it means do something; stay active. Work towards something positive. And at the same time, stop dwelling, contemplating, ruminating. Just do the next right thing, and then the next, and pretty soon you’ll be in a different place and maybe a better headspace.

3. remember why you are here.

The Voice tells lots of lies, and the more you listen, the more lies you invite in. Stop listening and look back. Remember the thoughts and feelings that lead up to day 1 of this journey. You are here because you don’t want to go back there.

4. invite the fairies back in.

Too much negativity, thoughts of wine, and The Voice frighten the little sprites away. Lure them back with tranquillity, love and warmth. Take a bath, listen to some music, give a hug, ask for a cuddle, read something inspirational. And a little sugar never hurt either.

5. release some energy.

Feeling angry? Run until you’re too tired to rage. Clean something. Then clean something else. Turn the music up loud.


I think the events listed in #1 are giving me some trouble right now. They’re lined up to occur one after the other within a six week span. And I’ve never done any of them sober. Why did I save the hardest part of the year for last?

Happy sober Tuesday,


6 thoughts on “Day 322: when the going gets tough

  1. Jen – my favorite quote:

    “Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.” – Rick Warren.

    You got this!! And just think how wonderful it will be experiencing the holidays sober – you’ll enjoy them so much more and remember everything.

    Hugs, A

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  2. Your comment on #2 is interesting in that it breaks this down into not just the next RIGHT thing (calling all perfectionists!) but also the next THING. The keep moving with an eye toward good action thing. And cleaning is powerful, as both a cause and an effect. And, I love the motion implicit in inviting fairies in. Sweet and powerful and I’m gonna borrow it.

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  3. And…. have you ever taken a look at Gabby Bernstein’s 40 day little practice thing in _May Cause Miracles_? It’s profound and altering. I should open that book back up because I don’t think I ever finished the 40 days (plus it’s totally a thing to repeat periodically). Her style is way too perky and cheerleadery for me, but I like what she’s doing (a LOT; it’s powerful in some way I can’t explain) and so I did it anyway (builds character).


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