Day 329: at least we’re trying


I’m grateful today for…

finally finding an exercise routine that actually seems like it might be a fit. This is something I’ve wanted for a long time.

time in the car to listen to books. Yep, today I’m grateful for my commute!

having a job where every day I have the opportunity to help someone.

being married to someone who would rather make up than argue or be angry.

the knowledge that alcohol has more cons than pros, by a long shot.


Happy sober Tuesday,




4 thoughts on “Day 329: at least we’re trying

  1. A. Thank you for the indirect nudges for me to find MY right exercise regime. That’s a major missing link for me. B. What a blessing to have that husband. C. Way more cons. At the moment I’ve forgotten all the pro’s, and I’ll take the amnesia for as long as it lasts 🙂

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