Day 336: eleven month soberversary


Eleven months later.

How are things? Well…

I’m sleeping a thousand times better, but still not a morning person. Probably never was. Maybe never will be.

I feel alert and focused most of the time now, but still suffering mood swings and occasional fits of temper. Probably due to my sensitive nature. Or my age. Or maybe it’s all just a normal part of life.

I never really crave alcohol, but I hate looking at it and knowing I can’t have it. I’d like the entire world to give it up along with me. Hah!

I don’t want to get drunk and stupid or suffer a hangover. But I would like to drink wine with no limits and no repercussions. That line of thought is ridiculous, of course, and is one thing that hasn’t really changed along the way. I can remember waking up hungover and thinking, “But I was feeling fine last night. Why can’t I just drink and enjoy it without this next day misery?”  🙄

I do lots of things now that I didn’t do when I was drinking every night. I drive in the evening, wake up early, make crafts, calm myself without alcohol, go to sleep without alcohol, remember to do things I used to forget, remember the end of every evening, act like a responsible adult in front of my children, help my daughter with difficult homework after dinner, regularly tell my son goodnight, and drive in the morning without feeling sick or worried that I might still have alcohol in my system.

I’m starting to exercise regularly for the first time in years.

I no longer suspect that I’m slowly poisoning myself.

And I’m working on the rest, slowly but surely.

Happy sober Tuesday,






11 thoughts on “Day 336: eleven month soberversary

  1. Absolute bravo I say! 11 months, wow!!! And that looks like a blimen good list to me that one. Especially the morning person part, I’m secretly the same, not sure what that’s about but hey ho. Best of happy days 🌸⭐️✨💫😁

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  2. Happy soberversary. Don’t always comment but never miss a day reading your blog. As a bystander but fellow traveller on this journey to sobriety, your blog reflects a wonderful person has emerged after 11 months. She was there all along, but the alcohol blurred her life. I hate to say you sound so “normal” now but after all, normal can be a really great gift to give oneself! Hope you celebrate turtle style!

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  3. I, too, don’t go a day without reading your posts, and I meant to post on thanksgiving to say I’m thankful for you and your honesty and faithful writings. I am 9.5 months and I feel I have a very similar list. One that has been particularly hard to shake is feeling sad I can’t drink anymore. I really hope that goes away, but in the meantime I am sooooo not going to drink because the gains very much outweigh the few moments of longing to imbibe.


    1. Yes, a bit of sadness. I think admitting to feeling a little sad is actually helpful sometimes. Thanks for commenting. My spirits are always lifted by the supportive community here. ☺️


  4. Congratulations on 11 months, jen! 🙂
    It has indeed been a gift to be a fellow sober-traveler through your blog these past 11 months.
    So many folks seem totally okay being in the world of drinkers as a non-drinker. I too wish the rest of the world would quit right along with us. I don’t like sometimes feeling left out, but it’s getting better with time. And I love feeling so much better and all the other lovely benefits you listed.
    Have a lovely week.


  5. Congrats on 11 months! It’s amazing when you look back on the initial attempts when it seemed impossible to quit for more than 3 or 4 days isn’t it? I am so glad you wrote this. I was having a little pity party this morning thinking how I still have moments where I want to drink and wonder if I am the only one this far along (just over 14 months) who still gets these thoughts. I know I can’t…there never was “just one” for me. But sometimes I just want to be a “normal” person! Thanks for sharing your journey!

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