Day 337: my plan for next year…


So far… my plan for next year… relax into things… trust that it will all work out… let go of always needing to be in control… and then see what happens.

Your comments on yesterday’s post really inspired me and lifted my spirits. Thank you.

Happy sober Wednesday,



4 thoughts on “Day 337: my plan for next year…

  1. I find giving up control really difficult, too. It can be a strength and very beneficial in specific situations. But in general it’s both counterproductive and an illusion. One of my current practices (the Release Technique) has control as one of the three things that are let go of — it’s the hardest one. (Wait, no, letting go of approval is the hardest. No, safety/security/survival is.) It’s so wired in. But the beauty and freedom I’ve gotten tiny glimpses of upon letting go of [the illusory] control are otherworldly. Happy day 337!


    1. By the way, I’m reading the HSP book you recommended. Very helpful. I think I’m more likely MSP but definitely sensitive. It’s been enlightening (comforting? empowering?) to view the trait through a more positive lens. So thank you!


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