Day 338: be a good one


I participated in a sober project today that my wine-drinker self would not have had much patience for. I think I would have participated still, but likely with a short temper and less appreciation for the moment.

My sweet son who is a little bit sensitive like me (but somehow also impossibly fearless) decided to put together a gift for his favorite teacher (6th grade science) whose birthday is on Saturday.

Imagine the item below wrapped in gold paper, then bubble wrap, placed inside a box to be wrapped in red paper. Then that box is placed inside a bigger box which is wrapped in the before-mentioned gold paper. This arrangement is apparently for suspense and comic relief. Funny little boy.

Proud mom tonight.


Happy sober Thursday,


2 thoughts on “Day 338: be a good one

  1. Ha! Love it!! That’s awesome, Would looooooove to see the teachers face when they’re opening it. I love your quotes by the way, always apt, happy day to one proud mama from another 🌺

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