Day 343: what other people think


I get into trouble when I imagine what my life might look like through the eyes of other people, especially those who like alcohol as much as I did. I tend to fixate on the biggest drinkers in my circle.

It’s an unnecessary, fruitless, and potentially dangerous exercise that I need to let go of somehow.

Happy sober Tuesday,




2 thoughts on “Day 343: what other people think

  1. This speaks to me. I miss drinking and I miss the fun. Yes, there was ALOT of FUN! Yes, Wolfie or the wine witch or whatever one’s pet name for their addiction is makes you forget the negative side affects. The only con on the pros and cons list for me not drinking is: I miss it. (Period!). That’s one line item for the cons. The pros list is miles long. I don’t worry or care what others think of me not drinking, but I do worry about futuristic plans that include drinking with my friends. I don’t want to skip all social events, although there have been times I’ve sat stuff out because it’s just easier and let’s face it, if everyone is drinking and you’re not…the fun ends real quick!

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  2. Comparison is the thief of happiness.
    It is something I have to remember every day.

    That said, I have nothing left on the pro drinking side. I have tons of fun still. The cons are too many to count.
    You have got this!

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