Day 355: kindness


And that kindness will likely come back to you in spades.

It’s been a good weekend. I feel like I’m really hitting my stride, as my last milestone for the year (Christmas with my mom) and my first soberversary approach.

Freedom? Maybe not 100% yet, but pretty damn close.

Happy sober Sunday,


3 thoughts on “Day 355: kindness

  1. Beautiful! To me this is one of the central arguments for self-care, in the face of people (or voices) who want to say that it’s “selfish.” (I just typed “self-fish” and will go analyze that one later.) It makes us more kind, and generous, and calm, and that reverberates out to all of the non-uses. (non-usses?) I’m looking forward to hearing how your Christmas with Mom goes 🙂

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  2. Pretty damn close is pretty damn good in my books! Love this sober life, and as always your blog! Downloaded the book you recommended by Jill Kelly, it’s a great read, pretty raw and just as it is leading up to being in the eye of the storm of a boozy unhappy life and then coming out of that. I’m really really glad you mentioned it. Thank you 🤗

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