Day 359: a year later



Christmas cat – all grown up. A lot can change in a year. 😉

The mom visit is officially underway. 😬  Wish me patience, understanding, and mental fortitude, please.

Happy sober Thursday,


4 thoughts on “Day 359: a year later

  1. You could do Mom Bingo. Make a bingo card with all your triggers – the annoying or predictable statements or actions she does – then see if you can get a bingo! Heard this on a podcast once. Instead of the stress of waiting for ‘that thing that drives you crazy’ you secretly smile when she does it so you can mark it off. It definitely helps!


  2. I second Mom Bingo. Don’t expect her to be anyone other than who she has shown you to be. And, moms are tough, but she’s really just another human being walking around the universe and she happens to be in your home for a few days. Good luck and Merry Sober Christmas!!


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