Last year I chose change as my word of the year, to guide and inspire me. I hoped there would be many changes, but thought if giving up wine were the only one, that would be enough.

In truth, giving up alcohol triggers many other changes, wanted or not.  Some are wonderful, some are hard, some to be expected, some a bit of a surprise.

This year I plan to nurture those changes, help them grow, coax them along, see what fruit they might bear.


I intend to nurture…

my new-found exercise routine, my endurance, my strength.

my creativity, my writing, my part in this sober community.

my relationships…

with my husband, my openness, my bravery.

with my son, my patience, my presence.

with my daughter in her budding adulthood, my letting go, my holding on.

my warmth, my love.


my sense of self.

my acceptance.

my joy.


Happy sober new year,






10 thoughts on “Nurture

  1. Hah! Well one of my surprises has been the amount of sleep I still require. A lot. Yet at the same time I get up much earlier than I used to, sometimes against my will. I’m still figuring this out.


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