Day 479: a few truths


It looks like I finally have something to say. ☺️

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately listening to audiobooks, by Pema Chodron, Michael Singer, and Byron Katie. Most of the ideas below are my humble interpretation of their teachings.

1. Nobody is all one thing. People we strongly dislike have positive traits. People we admire have negative traits. Plus, how we see people is through a lens of how we see ourselves and the world, so likely a distortion of reality.

2. Thoughts are just things. They come and go. We can choose not to fixate on them. We can choose not to act on them. They are not nearly as important (or accurate) as we usually think they are.

3. Nothing is permanent. Good things end but so do bad things. Don’t let your mind trick you into believing otherwise.

4. Reality will be what it will be. We have almost no control over what happens next, especially regarding the actions of other people. Therefore, worrying is a futile and painful waste of energy.

5. Intense emotions are an opportunity. To recognize something, to learn something. I haven’t figured out what exactly, but I’m sure it’s something big. 😋

All of this to say that the sun is shining again in my part of the world, and I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about the future. Hope you are too.




5 thoughts on “Day 479: a few truths

  1. Yes yes yes. This stuff is so true but so subtle. I also continue to be seeped into Katie and Singer. In reading Katie, the lens thing is finally starting to become clear to me. I’ve heard that concept for a long time and it didn’t make sense. But just in the past day or two (Loving What Is is slowly sinking in) I’ve realized that while the “everything around me is a reflection of me” isn’t literally true — it’s true when we’re (me and myself) discussing what sets me off, what causes some reaction in me (even happiness and excitement). Oh!! I forget that “the work” starts with what I’m reacting to, not some objective description of reality. (It would be helpful when people throw out that phrase if they would specify — it would get less widely written off, eh?) And… I’m starting to see how large the percentage of stuff in my experience of life I have no control over. It’s really practically everything. Literally. Once you realize that almost all of your thoughts fall into that category. (thank you, Sam Harris, in addition to M. Singer). I don’t even have control over the fact that toxic bathroom air “fresheners” and barking dogs piss me off. It’s just how the body I’m occupying reacts to some stimuli. It is starting to get freeing. So, yeah, so glad you posted. (Pema I haven’t dipped into much thus far.) I’m glad you’re hanging in there with your sober life, and I wish you fun and insights into the intense emotions that it sounds like are occupying your space….. Happy 479!

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    1. Thanks for writing! Yes, it’s all so subtle but also profoundly comforting to me. I don’t need to struggle against everything? In fact, it’s better if I don’t? Wow. You mean I can relax a little (mentally) and then be happier? Sounds pretty good. ☺️ And yes, our bodies react negatively to certain things (for me it’s mostly certain sounds), but the reaction is just energy and we can let it pass through.

      Happy Saturday to you!

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  2. Oh, Ladies! It is such a joy to discover others have been hanging out with the same luminaries I have been re-visiting. I have been immersed in the “subtle and profoundly comforting” wisdom of Katie and Pema these past few months. Also Mary Pipher’s Seeking Peace: Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World.” Also loving “Spiritualish” Podcast and “The Adult Chair” Podcast.
    Adrian, your reflections are always so insightful. I love your responses to jen’s words. 🙂
    And jen, it is lovely to get a peek into your thoughts and experiences again.
    Mary Pipher says, “The belief that our lives are the creations of our minds certainly fit my experience. My external circumstances may have been excellent… Yet I considered myself unfathomable, unlovable and unfixable. It was the way I thought and felt about my life that caused me unhappiness.”
    I am making a deep practice, these days, of allowing myself the grace of self-compassion, tenderness, patience, self-acceptance, and wider perspective. It’s amazing how this practice is allowing me to find more compassion, tenderness, patience, acceptance, and a wider perspective for those around me. 🙂
    Thanks for posting, jen! Enjoy the returning sunshine!

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    1. It’s always so good to hear from you Deb! And thanks for adding Mary Pipher to my reading list, along with a new podcast (the adult chair) to try. I enjoy Spiritualish a lot too. I hope you are well. ❤️🌸☺️ -jen


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