Day 72: Alcohol masks our perfection.

I’m reading The Naked Mind by Annie Grace. She dedicated an entire chapter to describing the amazing features of human biology, such as  its complexity, strength and ability to maintain both physiological and psychological balance.

She says, “We need to see that we are strong, whole, and complete. We need to understand that alcohol, instead of acting as a support to help us deal with life, actually deadens our senses and harms our immune system. In truth, you don’t need alcohol to enjoy life or relieve stress. You only think you do.”

Today I feel grateful for…

1. this amazing book.

2. spring break.

3. my bed.

3 thoughts on “Day 72: Alcohol masks our perfection.

  1. I have read Annie Grace’s book several times and take something different and inspiring with each reading.
    Glad you get a break! And that you get time with your bed. I so get that. 🙂
    Happy 72 days!

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