Day 106: me time



Drinking isn’t ‘me time.’ I used to think it was.

Examples of me time are:

taking a bath 🛀

reading a book 📖

listening to podcasts 🎧

walking in nature 🌲

sitting in nature 🌳

listening to music 🎶

playing games 📱

wandering through a store 🛍

coloring 🖍

sitting in sunshine ☀️

watching tv 🖥

taking a nap 😴

making lists 📝

planning a trip 🗺

fishing 🎣

writing ✍️

There are many more, of course, but these are my personal favorites.

And if you (like me) used to do some of these things while also drinking, maybe it feels boring without the booze. My advice in this case is to do more than one thing at a time. I play games on my phone while I watch tv. I like to wander through stores while listening to podcasts (with headphones). Baths and books go well together. You get the idea.

And if it’s still boring to you, then stop doing it.

How do you like to spend ‘me time?’






2 thoughts on “Day 106: me time

  1. I love these…. they sound like a lot of my “me” time activities….. anything to keep me occupied although I confess I’ve never thought to combine my podcasts w the store, great idea. I usually listen to those on my commute.


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