Day 139: more wisdom from Pema


I’m not sure whether or not I believe this, but if it’s true, it has the potential to be an excellent tool for getting rid of some irksome and repetitive issues in one’s life.

Feel uncomfortable sober in social gatherings? Figure out the lesson and your discomfort will subside!

Find yourself longing for wine? Discover why and end the obsession!

Really? And if so, how do you learn what you need to know?  By putting yourself in the uncomfortable situation over and over again until you get it? By facing whatever fears you have around it?


I used to have a reoccurring problem with a certain type of person who would show up in my life and cause me quite a lot of angst. This person was always an older, somewhat overbearing woman. One example was my mother-in-law and another one was a co-worker. Both were intimidating to me and I was forever trying to avoid conflict with them. Pleasing them at all costs. Until one day my mother-in-law yelled at me. In front of my daughter. And I yelled back. That caused quite a stir. Not long afterwards, I found myself standing up to the woman at work too. This also did not go over well. ☺️ But neither tries to push me around anymore. And this domineering female figure hasn’t showed up again in my life since.

Is this the sort of thing Pema is talking about? Can we use this lesson to help create a happy sober life?

Maybe Anne will have the answer. 😉

Happy Sober Monday,


2 thoughts on “Day 139: more wisdom from Pema

  1. My husband recently quit drinking beer on the weekends. He developed a medical condition that is exacerbated by beer. When he doesn’t drink it, his gouty toe feels better. So he isn’t drinking it. End of story. My husband’s brain does not have an addictive reaction to alcohol.
    My journey quitting wine has been quite different.
    Accepting and owning, deeply in my bones, the truth that my brain reacts addicively to alcohol has been a journey of awareness, growth, beauty, working through painful “stuff,” peace, and so much more.
    I notice with a previously unimagined gratitude the gifts: clear, hydrated skin and insides, deep, restorative sleep, clearer thinking, dramatically lessened anxiety, healthier relationships, serenity, joy, and so, so much more.
    What I am learning from my addiction to alcohol unfolds in surprising and beautiful ways every single day.
    At the same time, the pain and suffering I experienced in the last years of my drinking recedes further with each passing day.
    What my addiction to alcohol is teaching me is beyond my ability to express in just a few words.
    What is left behind, I realize more each day, I never needed anyway.

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