Day 201: simple motivation


I used to think I didn’t want to be “that girl.” The one who doesn’t drink.

Now I think I don’t want to be the girl who starts up again after telling people she’s quit.


It sure does feel good to start my day count with a big fat 2. 😊

Happy Sober Sunday,



8 thoughts on “Day 201: simple motivation

  1. I’m thinking I can be “that” girl who can start a day count with 2, only 2! But that’s OK, it’s my journey and I own it. So proud for you, of you, and thanks for being part of my sober tools.


      1. 2’s are wonderful, C. That means 2 days alcohol free. And tomorrow will be 3. Sending thoughts of peace and gentleness your way.

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  2. In hindsight I am now so glad I am no longer “that girl” who got drunk and made a fool of herself, or fought with her husband or wasn’t able to get up to take her kids to gymnastics.

    That’s girl was always disappointed in herself. Even if she appeared to be having fun.

    Woo hoo! On to the 2s!

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    1. It feels so very good to not be disappointed in myself anymore. There is such peace here. Even on challenging days. Even on really super hot and muggy days. 🙂
      I’m with you and C and Jen: Woo hoo to the 2’s!

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