Day 271: accountability


One of the most important keys to my success in maintaining these nine months of sobriety is this blog. Isn’t that amazing? Such an important source of support and it comes from people I’ve (mostly – hi Wendy!) never met. I remember a day when I really wanted to ditch everything and head to the liquor store (day 38). But the thought of shutting down the blog gave me pause and instead of drinking, I wrote out my frustrations. That’s when Deb shared her “upward spiral” image which encourages me still. And Anne commented – please don’t disappear. And that thought really stuck with me too. People would notice if I went away.

And here I still am. Not disappearing.

Thank you, everyone, for reading. It makes all the difference.

Happy Sober Sunday,




11 thoughts on “Day 271: accountability

  1. Ditto to the above. When I trawled quite a few recovery blogs, which are all awesome, yours resonated with me totally, your complete honesty about everything was what I needed at the time and during the days, it has helped make it a little easier clocking in every night to read your blog, so thank you. Again 😊💫 happy day!

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  2. Your blog is great!! Also, I saw a woman at the grocery store this past weekend wearing a t-shirt that said “Speedy Recovery” on it along with several swimming turtles – made me think of you!

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  3. There are fewer blogs these days with folks just sharing their journey. Sharing honestly the journey from day to day, week to week. Raw, real, wise, and human.
    And then the other magic bit… other folks sharing back!
    The support and insight and wisdom and CONNECTION go both ways.
    The words and feelings also linger. I often think of your words or the words of comments from other readers.
    I have been, and continue to be, grateful for your presence here in the intra-web-world, jen. 🙂
    Hugs to you,

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