Day 18: Understanding

I know I don’t need anyone’s permission to quit drinking. And I know that if I say this is really what I need to do to be healthy, those who love me will support it.

The thing that bothers me though is that they don’t understand it. They don’t understand why I can’t just drink the way they do.

The husband is a prime example. He likes to drink sometimes, but he always decides how much or how little he’s going to drink. And he sticks to it. So then when I overdrink, he feels like I’ve done it on purpose.

He has been very quiet about my sobriety thus far. No questions. No comments. I told him I’m taking 100 days off and he’s just sort of taking it in stride. The last time I quit, I tried to engage him in some of my ruminations but it never seemed to go the way I wanted it to, so this time I have kept my thoughts mostly to myself.

It’s very hard to discuss The Voice with someone who has never heard it.



2 thoughts on “Day 18: Understanding

  1. That’s why AA is so popular. It’s where you meet others with the exact same thought process.

    It is hard. People who are not addicted of alcohol do see this as a willpower or self control issue.
    But really it’s more like obsessive compulsive disorder. No one expects a person with severe hand washing obsession to just stop. They understand the person truly want to stop, but is driven to repeat the behaviour even if it hurts them.

    Alcohol abuse is the same.

    Hugs. You know better.


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