Day 114: I know this about me


I know this about me: I need accountability. And I do better once I have some momentum.

So I’ve been trying to get an exercise routine of some sort going. Been trying for a while with very little success. My trying has consisted mainly of thinking about exercising, planning to maybe do something, and then doing nothing. And feeling like crap about the whole thing afterwards.

Then I decided to make a challenge out of it. Thirty days of some sort of exercise with another bracelet as a reward. I got excited and told my son about it, suggesting he do a challenge of his own. So he went and cleaned his room. And I did a yoga routine.

But the next day there I was again, struggling to find any sort of motivation, lying in bed actually, back to inertia. And then my son came in and told me he had cleaned his room again. So I felt like I had no choice. I got up and did another yoga routine.

And now today we have completed five days in a row of our challenge and this morning I WENT FOR A RUN. Holy crap. I just put my gear on and went. I didn’t think about it too much. I just did it. And it was great. A bit painful but still great.

The sun is shining here and the snow is melting. Finally.

Happy Sober Thursday,


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