Day 129: sunsets


So this was my live and in person view this evening. Talk about something to be grateful for. This is it for me. When I retire someday, I want to watch sunsets like this daily. It’s therapeutic for sure.

Unfortunately, this particular sunset is taking place at a location which for me has been the setting of many, many hard drinking nights. Campfires that go on too long. Climbing and falling on the way up from the lake. Being helped up by my daughter… oh how that fuzzy memory makes me cringe.

Coming back here is dredging up some memories I don’t like, and it reminds me that summer is a party time in this neck of the woods (pun intended). I love it here and I love summer, but I’m anticipating this particular summer with some trepidation. Even though I have been sober here in the past (the entire summer of 2016) and I know it will be ok, I still dread the nights when everyone will be drinking but me.

For now though I will try to concentrate on the sunsets.

Happy Sober Friday,


2 thoughts on “Day 129: sunsets

  1. It’s been interesting to me how, for many folks, the winter holidays seem to be the hardest time for the first year or so. For me, looking toward summer causes some flutters in my tummy. I love the outdoor life in summer. I have also loved so many summer outdoor moments in the past with wine.
    It feels good to imagine going to bed late and sober, and waking up early to go out and wander in my garden with a steaming cup of coffee and no hangover.
    Yet, I feel a bit melancholy too.
    All part of the journey, I guess.
    Lovely photo, Jen. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂


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