Day 147: twenty one weeks


The mom visit is half done.

Looking forward to a quiet holiday weekend with just my girl and my projects and my aged puppies (13 and 11).

Read a two year sober celebration post yesterday. It was filled with pure joy – very inspiring.

I feel like I can’t relax enough this week without my alone time and therefore can’t pull together any meaningful thoughts to share.

Anyway, no drinking going on here (by me).

Happy Sober Tuesday,



4 thoughts on “Day 147: twenty one weeks

  1. It is amazing you are still posting every day!!:) EVEN on a stressful week.
    Your thoughts are always meaningful and inspiring.
    Hoorray on the visit being half done!
    Hooray for 21 weeks!!
    Happy sober Tuesday to you too!

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  2. Huge congrats on 21 days!!!
    Half way there on the visit front, well done!
    Alone time is important, try and get out to walk the dogs on your own, even if just for 10 min, or nice long baths.


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