Day 154: another good day


Today was a good day because…

I wore a dress to work for the first time in… maybe ever. And got a surprising amount of attention from the husband after work regarding said dress. Huh. Maybe need to add dress shopping to the “to-do” list. Maybe wearing dresses could become “a thing.”

I finally found a place that sells my favorite sober girl beverage which I am happily sipping at this moment. The old place doesn’t seem to stock it anymore and the new place is pretty far away. But. If I’m willing to spend $100 on groceries there, they will deliver everything for free. And I am. And so they did.

And I discovered that a slice of cheesecake has as many grams of protein as two strips of bacon. That sounds like. Cheesecake. For breakfast. ☺️

Happy Sober Tuesday,





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